E-Mini Day Trader at Work

You may remember my post from mid-March entitled “E-mini SP – Best market to trade”. Since that post, I have been actively trading the e-mini almost daily, until my financial needs are meet for the week (sometimes within just a few days). Being able to work at home, at least part-time for now has been a great benefit for my family, as I am able to drop the kids off for school and then jump right into trading. As you can probably figure out, my wife loves it as well!

I owe it all to DayTradeToWin.com’s online course, where the At The Open Method is taught, allowing traders like myself to maximize profitability in a few short hours!

You can check out John Paul’s trading performance to date by visiting https://www.daytradetowin.com/performance.php
(It’s great to see someone actually honest enough to post earnings like this publicly!)

For those wanting to jump right in, I suggest reading DayTradeToWin.com’s free e-course, then taking a look at a few more educational videos on the DayTradeToWin YouTube site.