The E-mini SP is really the best market to trade. If you have traded any other market and then compared it to the e-mini than you can understand why. The e-mini SP is totally electronic, which is perfect for day traders. Its big brother (Big S&P) is not for the faint of heart. The big S&P is really not meant for typical day traders as the margin and point move is too high. This is big money territory.

More people around the world are beginning to day trade. Holding overnight positions and learning of a big gap move the next morning is not a fun thing to deal with. A few mentors in the field have done a very good job teaching traders how to best day trade the e-mini like John Paul from Daytradetowin who has been rated one of the best educators in the industry. If you are considering trading, look into his methods of price action.

Another great benefit to trading the e-mini SP is the amount of volume and movement that occurs. You can enter and exit without any slippage or worry that you will be stuck with a bad fill. The Dow Jones, Russell Index, the Big S&P and e-mini SP all move relatively together. Out of the these 4 indexes the e-mini SP is bar the best one to trade. The margin and liquidity is key to making this market ideal for day traders. The e-mini SP is traded at the CME exchange (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and the day session opens its trading doors at 8:30 AM CT local time.

The e-mini is home to many traders, but most importantly the international recognition that this market plays is influential. Traders in China, Australia and Europe all trade this market as if it was their own. Ideally the liquidity can only increase as more traders jump on board trading the e-mini SP. The point value and structure is as follows:

$12.50 per tick or increment move.

4 tics per point

$50.00 per point = 12.50 x 4 = $50.00

Your broker can and should give you the simple rundown of contract months and expiration dates. Most trading platforms like Ninja Trader, Trade-Station, TradeMaven, etc. have incorporated the e-mini SP as a very important futures contract. If you would like to read more about the e-mini the CME is a great place to start. If you would like to learn strategies that will help you in trade this market look into or other educators in the industry.