11-14-2013 3-57-38 PMToday, the opening price on the E-mini S&P was (1780.25). The day’s low price (1777.25) was reached at 10:10 a.m. US/Eastern time. The day’s high of (1789) was reached at 3:55 p.m US/Eastern time. Each week, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) provides a report on petroleum inventories in the U.S., produced both here and abroad. The inventory levels helps determine prices for petroleum products. In the week of November 8, oil inventories are up by 2.6 million barrels to 388.1 million. Oil refineries operated at 88.7 percent in the week, due to a large increase in demand. This has been the highest capacity seen since September. The average price for gasoline fell in the last week to $3.20 from the $3.25 area, mostly due to the larger inventories held. The latest available data indicates a similar decline for the current week. Oil prices have changed little, still near $93.50 following today’s EIA Petroleum Status Report.