Need some help getting into day trading?  Intimidated by the complexity of trading software and how markets operate?

When I first became interested in day trading, there were very few options available.  Online courses did not yet exist; the only way to learn was to already know someone who traded, invest a large sum of money and cross your fingers, and read books that were vague and impersonal.

Fortunately, the times have changed.  Online mentorship with direct one-on-one interaction with an experienced online day trader is now possible.   I recently stumbled across the Turnkey Mentorship Program.   The course includes (as it appears on the website):

You will receive your own personal Day Trade to Win lap top computer complete with NinjaTrader installed.

All my indicators will be uploaded onto it. This includes my ATO Method, Atlas Line and the Scalping method.

If you previously purchased any of my methods, I credit the cost back to you.

Six weeks of mentorship which will include 3 hourly meetings each week.

I will teach you how to trade not just the E-mini but currencies and other markets as well.

I also teach Filtering Trades, Market Psychology, 2 specific Scalping methods, and the X5 trade setup + much more.

As an active user of DayTradeToWin’s Atlas Line, I have full confidence that the Turnkey membership program is exactly what it appears to be – a complete solution for people wanting to learn the ropes of day trading.  I highly recommend the course.